Know How to Delete Duplicate Items in MSG File?

    MS Outlook normally uses MSG files to save single email messages as well as metadata and attachments. Over time, duplicate messages might accumulate, blocking your inbox and making it tough to differentiate between important items. This article will lead you through the procedure for removing duplicate items from MSG files, helping you to maintain an effective and well-organized email system.

    What is an MSG File?

    MSG file format holds the entire items of an Outlook message, including attachments, email header, hyperlinks, attachments, and other message elements like sender, date, and recipient. MSG files can contain anything from Outlook outside emails, such as contacts, tasks, calendar, appointments, etc.

    Why Is It Required to Delete Duplicate Items in MSG File?

    For Organizational Reasons- If your MSG folder is full with duplicate items, it may be challenging to find and manage important emails. You can maintain a neat and organized folder by deleting duplicates.

    Storage Optimization- Duplicate emails consume unneeded storage space. If your MSG folder holds numerous copies of the same attachments, emails, or other items, eliminating duplicates can free up significant storage space capacity on your email server or operating system.

    Data Reliability– Duplicate messages in your MSG folder may raise concern on the reliability and accuracy of your data. For the purpose of preventing confusion and preserving data consistency, it’s necessary to keep a single, Authorized Version of each item.

    Error Prevention– Sometimes, duplicates give rise to mistakes or conflicts. For example, if your address book contains duplicate contacts or events in your calendar, this may cause scheduling issues or errors. Deleting duplicateshelps prevent these problems and provides precise and correct data.

    How to Delete Duplicate Items in MSG File with Expert Solution?

    CubexSoft MSG Duplicate Remover Tool is a reliable, safe, and quick way to successfully remove duplicate items in an MSG file or folder without facing a single issue. This application is compatible with all Windows OS and MS Outlook versions. Let’s look at some of its outstanding and remarkable benefits-

    • User-Friendly Interface: MSG Duplicates Remover Tool is a simple, user-friendly interface that both novice and expert users may use effortlessly.
    • Identical Detection: This program effectively searches MSG files for duplicate emails, contacts, attachments, calendars, etc.
    • Selective Deletion: This feature permits you to choose which duplicate items to remove, giving you full control over the task.
    • Fast and Effective: The software is designed to work quickly and effectively, enabling you to easily eliminate duplicates from huge MSG files.

    Step-By-Step Guide to Delete Duplicate Items in MSG File Format

    Let’s look at how to use MSG File Duplicate Remover to remove duplicate messages from your MSG files step by step now-

    1. Firstly, download, install, and launch MSG Duplicate Remover on your Windows OS.
    2. Press on the Select Files or Select Folders button to upload the MSG Files/Folders which you want to delete duplicates.
    3. Now, select the needed Folder to delete duplicate messages from MSG files.
    4. Then, one can pick the option “Search Duplicate within the folders” or “Search Duplicate across the Folder” as per your requirement.
    5. After that, you can select the Advanced Filter Options as per your need.
    6. Now, choose the wanted Destination Location for the output files.  
    7. Finally, click Remove button to permanently eliminate the selected duplicate items from your MSG files.
    8. Once the deletion procedure is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation message “DeDuplication Process Completed Successfully.”           

    By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this blog, you can simply delete duplicate items from your MSG files without any trouble. The software is available in two editions Free and License. In the free trial edition, you can check the program working procedure before buying the license edition. It allows you to eliminate the first 25 duplicate items.

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