Manage Your iOS Subscription Using an Easy URL. Yes, It’s True

    We all know that Apple is one of the finest brands in the technology world. People around the world are crazy about Apple devices and also believe “Having an Apple device means a good status.

    Yes, there are many functionalities that make Apple devices and iOS operating systems different than other brands and OS.

    But do you know that Apple does not make it easier for users to figure out what iOS applications they have subscribed to? Yes, it’s right. Thus, many users don’t know the actual path to find the subscription page.

    If you know then I would like to call you “Matured Apple Device Lover”. Usually, it requires to search on the Internet to find the actual path, and then you will reach your destination.

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    Ryan Jones – Founder of Flighty App (to be launched soon) and formerly of Apple has tweeted related to managing iOS subscriptions. Here is the tweet:

    This makes it easy for you to manage your iOS subscriptions. Doesn’t it easy? Now, let’s move back to some old-fashioned process that will help you to find the “Manage Subscription” page setting on iOS.

    1. One App Store
    2. Click on your icon shown in the upper-right corner
    3. Click on your name
    4. Authentic account setting
    5. Scroll down & click on the subscription

    That’s it. Now you are on the manage subscription screen and you are free for what you want to do with the app subscriptions.

    Let’s look at it another way.

    1. Tap on the setting app
    2. Click on your name
    3. Click on “iTunes and App Store”
    4. Click on the Apple ID field
    5. Click on Apple ID
    6. Scroll down & click subscriptions

    These are the old-fashioned way but work well. Now, let’s discuss something more on “Manage iOS Subscription”.

    Turn OFF Subscription Payments on Apple devices

    Method 1: iOS 10 and above

    1. Open Settings à Apple ID Profile à iTunes & App store
    2. Click on Apple ID
    3. Tap View Apple ID. If not logged in then sign in with a passcode.
    4. Now Scroll down & Tap Subscription
    5. Tap subscription (you want to manage)
    6. Tap cancel subscription
    7. Your Subscription will be stopped at the end of the billing cycle. There is a final date listed at the bottom.
    8. Even you make changes like a yearly subscription to monthly and vice versa without canceling.

    Method 2: For Below the iOS 10 (Older ones)

    1. Launch the app store
    2. Click on “Featured”
    3. Scroll down & tap Apple ID (if not logged in then sign in with the Apple ID)
    4. Scroll down & click on manage app subscriptions
    5. Select the app subscription you want to cancel
    6. Simply, turn off “Auto-renewal”

    What If Your Subscriptions aren’t Showing on the List?

    If you are already charged for some subscription monthly or annually but not showing in the “Manage Subscription” list then you have to check these two things first.

    1. Check out that you are signed with the same Apple ID, and you have subscribed to the app(s).
    2. If it looks fine, the next move is to contact the developer of the subscribed app to see that you pay for it directly or through iTunes or Apple.

    Let’s understand the second point with an example. There are some applications like Netflix, Hulu, etc. are paid directly to the companies & not via apple.

    Final Words

    Always pay for only those subscriptions that you use on regular basis or if you need it. It’s just a waste of money to pay for an unnecessary subscription.

    Now, you have a step-by-step process to cancel the subscription. Follow the path and cancel the unusual subscription and save your money.

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