Oil painting filter: Ways of applying it to an image in Photoshop

    The oil painting filter was first introduced as one actual filter in Photoshop CS6. But for some reason, it vanishes. But then it was again back and it is still there. It is essentially the exact filter as it has been in CS6, but now the Photoshop CC version is having a lower and less alarming dialog which makes it easier to make use of than previously.

    How to add oil painting effect?

    • Most individuals attempt a common technique of applying a coloured effect to an image. Pixel Bender is the Photoshop CS5 and CS4 extensions that contain a layer of oil paint that has been there for some time now.
    • In the CS6 line-up, the oil painting filter is presently a constant home that is less difficult to work than in more established variations of Photoshop.
    • You can check how a test picture can be ready for use if you apply painting solution after using oil painting solution. Begin with a small picture if you make use of your own image because the screen works the best till not extended excessively far.
    • You will find many filters through there that guarantee to change computerized photos into oil artistic painting, however, it must be said that most miserably fail. 
    • To make a genuinely reasonable oil painting impact we should be somewhat more creative. One of the main qualities of an oil painting is the difference of dainty spaces of paint set against spaces of thick, strong paint or impasto.
    • Another crucially significant factor is the texture. 
    • Oil paints have a quality of texture that is special to the actual medium, and for the impact to be persuading we need to copy this precisely. 
    • Photoshop has many brushes that are made for this very reason. Such brushes can apply different colours and persuading textures simultaneously.
    • For such thick impasto impact, you can make use of some layer style that will be giving the brushstroke an unobtrusive 3D quality.
    • You need to understand that this project is going to be hugely successful if you use a graphics tablet that is pressure-sensitive.
    • This is because the brushes that you will make use of come with properties that will directly respond to the stylus pressure.
    • Styling control will also have an interesting effect when used and applied.

    Make use of a smart oil painting filter

    • To start to apply painting filter, create a toned layer for your final photo that will get painted onto.
    • Open the image and add one new layer.
    • Use CTRL+Shift+N.
    • Name it Canvas.
    • Select a warm grey tone for the colour of the foreground.
    • Move to Edit-Fill-Use Foreground colour.
    • Then add the texture of the canvas to the background later.

    1st step: Unlock the folder of the picture that you wish to turn into an artistic oil painting.

    2nd step: To select the picture, you need to click on STRL+A. Press STRL+C to duplicate it.

    3rd step: Generate something fresh. Insert your picture by clicking Ctrl+V. Move to the Edit-Free method to transform and then resize the picture using this instrument the way you will need it. Convert the sheet into a texture of smart filter as it will be a great idea.

    4th step: Open any raw image and then choose the filter. Click the oil paint option.

    5th step:  Check all opposite sides, grain along with precision in your shots.

    Requirement for using oil painting filter

    Edits made with oil painting will not snatch everyone’s mind. The reason being, edits that are made with this filter are very alluring.

    • For using the filter of oil painting in Photoshop, you need to check if your system has a graphics card installed.
    • If it is not installed, then do it. Ensure that you update it.


    Anyone, be it an experienced person or a newbie will be grateful to Photoshop’s oil painting filter. You do not need to be a painter, but by using it you can pretend to be one. However, an oil painting effect of Photoshop will never confuse any professional but it will be enjoyable to transform any of your photos into a beautiful oil painting and all findings will be spectacular.

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