5 Reason Why You Should Switch To Fiber Internet Connection For Your Business

    A fiber optic internet connection is the latest technology in the world of Internet connections. When you choose Fiber internet connection, you choose incredible speed, reliability, security & network strength. All the organizations all around the world are relied on the internet to complete their day-to-day activities. If your internet connection can’t handle your online activities then you’d face a lot of losses and troubles keeping your business working perfectly. Switching to fiber optic internet service can literally do wonders for you. Fiber internet download speeds range from 5-2000 MBPS and the top tier plans can easily keep up with the internet needs of a small or large organization. Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider switching your business to a fiber internet connection

    1. Save On Costs

    When you are faced with a slow internet connection, it can cost your business in terms of productivity and man-hours. Traditional DSL & Copper-based internet connections can cause you trouble due to external factors like weather, Electrical interference. If you don’t want to be stuck to a vulnerable internet connection then we suggest you pick Fiber internet connection over cable and DSL. 

    External factors like bad weather, Electrical interference cause no trouble to Fiber internet, the only way a fiber internet is affected if the fiber optic cables are cut physically. Once you invest in a fiber internet service, your employees will be able to save precious time. 

    2.  Better Signal Strength

    If you have been running your business operations on Cable/DSL internet then you’d know that the farther you move from the network switch, the weaker signals will get. For businesses that are spread over large areas, this can be troublesome. If you decide to switch to Fiber internet connection then you can eliminate the signal degeneration over distance completely. 

    Fiber optic cables are made up of Glass mesh and fiber cables which are much stronger than traditional copper cables. This is the sole reason for increased signal strength. Instead of using WiFi repeater and other tools that can increase your signal strength, switch to Fiber internet connection. Fiber internet signals don’t grow weaker with distance and they can even provide better speeds.

    3. Reliable Connection

    When you compare any other Internet connection with Fiber internet, Fiber is most likely to come out on top! A business can’t function well on a connection that gives out any time. Reliability of internet connection is extremely important if you are looking to grow your business and maintain smooth functioning then you should switch to Fiber optic internet service.

    As stated above, Fiber optic cables are stronger than Copper cables that means during an accident they are most likely to stay intact. Not only that, Fiber internet services transmit data in the form of light which makes it incredibly fast. Even during the most peak hours of internet usage, your business won’t face any issues as you’d get the same brilliant services as always. 

    4. Huge Bandwidth

    Most people confuse bandwidth with download speeds, let us tell you what bandwidth actually is. Consider bandwidth as a road and consider all the cars on it as data you download and upload. If your road is too narrow then incoming and outgoing cars will face heavy traffic. Fiber internet simply makes that road into a highway so you can keep on doing your upload and download activities without traffic. 

    Fiber internet connections can offer speeds as much as 2000 MBPS. That much speed is perfect for all your upload and download activities. The best part is that you get the same download/upload speeds with Fiber internet. That means your employees can send large files, make video calls, and access cloud services while downloading large files all at the same time without a network slowdown.

    5. Additional Security

    As a business, saving confidential information must be your first priority. Fiber internet even helps you save your business from hackers and information thieves. Hackers try to steal your information by tapping into your internet connection. Fortunately, Fiber internet services come with added encryption to save you from such attacks. Another way to tap into the internet is by cutting into cables, but if someone cuts into fiber cables even a little bit, the network signals disappear completely. That means switching to a fiber internet connection over cable for your business will provide you with an additional layer of security. 

    Pros & Cons Of Fiber Internet For Business

    Now that you know all the features fiber internet brings to the table and why should you choose Fiber optic service for your business. It’s time we also take a look at all the pros and Cons of Fiber optic service. 


    • Incredible Internet speeds
    • Reliable connection
    • Added layer of Security
    • Symmetrical Download/Upload speeds


    • Investment for Fiber internet can be Costly
    • Plans can be more expensive than a Copper cable internet
    • Limited availability in the USA

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