Chatbots and Shopify websites: Savior of eCommerce online stores

    With the looming power of digital technology, e-commerce widens across different geographical locations, industries economic sphere and verticals. If you have developed a proper e-commerce channel, the scope of growth of sales becomes easy. This is a very large market, so don’t miss out on the journey on the bandwagon of e-Commerce. Here, you will face fierce competition as those who innovate get the success. 

    However, you can start managing your business within a few minutes with Shopify. It is an e-commerce platform that allows you to create a website to sell, ship and manage your products. This is an effortless and cost-effective way to tap digital shoppers. 

    Moving forward, let’s look into what Shopify has to offer to its customers: 

    • Quick and easy set-up

    This is low maintenance and easy to set up a platform. For the development of the site, you simply need to offer the hosting. 

    • App Integration

    To increase your site functionality, you can add extra features and tools. 

    • Stability and Security 

    The user can be stress-free about their personal information as this platform has robust security essential for financial transactions or other information.

    • High-speed loading 

    With Shopify’s well-optimized software & hardware, your website can be loaded quickly which helps in customer retention.

    • Customer Support

    You will have access to reliable customer support. There is a team of Shopify experts 24/7 via email, phone or phone to solve any queries and keep your store running smoothly. 

    • Multi-channel access

    You can develop multi-channel access websites on Shopify. As mobile usage is increasing day by day, it is crucial to have a mobile-optimized website so shoppers can browse on their Android or iPhone.                    

    • Customizable 

    If you are looking for Shopify web development, you can choose from over 160 themes from the theme store, some or free while some are paid or you can consult with experts for Shopify eCommerce development

    • Search Engine Optimized Store

    If you utilize Shopify’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) feature, it will be a great help for your website ranking in search results. It provides you insights like where your audience is coming from so that you can strategize your digital marketing accordingly. 

    • Payment Gateway:

    You will find much high security and reliable payment gateways on Shopify.

    Let’s understand why Shopify websites require chatbots? 

    It is predicted that by 2020, chatbots will cover 85% of customer service interaction. Money and resources are required to implement new technology like AI Chatbots and many business owners are not yet ready to do the same. However, it also reduces customer acquisition costs. Conversational Chatbots designed with AI will provide relevant and to the point answers to customers’ queries. It helps to provide customers a personalized shopping experience like the one in a physical retail store.  

    In short, Chatbots are designed to engage with customers to convert the sale and increase revenue. 

    Further, you can look into some of Chatbots Statistics:

    • 64% of internet users say 24/7 customer response is an amazing chatbot service
    • 55% of users say they love the immediate response to their queries and answers of the simple questions by chatbot
    • 80% of businesses are estimated to have any kind of chatbot automation in their service by 2020
    • 67% of US millennials say they would prefer to buy product or services from the companies using 
    • The chatbot is likely to save 30% of your customer support expenses

    Why should you use Chatbot for your e-commerce business?

    • Quick Customer Service

    For any e-commerce website, providing the best customer service is crucial to sustaining a customer base. Usually, businesses hire human agents to answer these mundane queries but this makes it a tiring and expensive exercise. With Chatbots, the visitors get an immediate response which has higher chances of conversion. 

    • Generating Leads from Website Traffic

    A chatbot is not only a customer service provider but also can generate qualified leads. It is an outlet for sales and marketing. It interacts and engages with the website visitors and tries to convert the lead into sales. 

    • Scalability

    During festive seasons like Christmas, New Year or Black Friday, e-commerce sites experience heavy traffic. So, hiring human agents and training them for a short duration doesn’t seem ideal. A chatbot can handle mundane and routine questions about products, shipping, etc. and pass the complex ones to human agents. 

    • Swift Responses

    If the doubts of customers are not cleared immediately, they will move on to the next website. To increase the retention of your customers, rapid answering queries are crucial. 

    • Answer Mundane Questions 

    Chatbots can immediately respond to the basic support doubts and queries like shipping details, cancelation process, payment inquiries, product related questions, etc. It offers new recommendations to customers’ purchases and provides 24 hours of customer services. 

    • Help customers to find the right product

    Chatbots understand and listen to the purchase requirement to help the customers find the desired product by engaging and interacting with them. As there are thousands of products available on the website, it is often tiresome to navigate to the right one. This is where Chatbot comes into the picture. 

    Before choosing a Chatbot for your e-commerce website, look for the following things: 

    • Integration of AI + Human

    An amalgamation of AI and human agents by hybrid chatbots is the best way to deliver satisfactory customer experience. 

    • NLP/FAQ

    It should be able to understand the natural way of asking queries by a customer and provide relevant and precise responses. 

    • Payment Option 

    You can save a lot of consumers’ time by setting a secure payment option in the chatbot. 

    • Quick Options

    You can provide a Menu within Chatbot to reduce any waiting time. It will contain quick options for the general questions customers ask. This way, the customer won’t need to write the already available doubts and queries.


    A chatbot is a revolutionary innovation for the e-commerce industry. It is convenient for businesses as well as users. Customers can simply ping the issue to Chatbot and won’t need to wait for connecting the call. However, when a complex question is asked, the Chatbot can forward the call to a human agent. This way, the customer receives a quick response and the website’s efficiency increases. Firstly, the chatbot handles the queries and only if needed it passes over to the human agent. Here, the ultimate goal is to increase the conversion rate by improving the visitors’ engagement. 

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