How To Edit YouTube Videos While Staying in Your Budget?

    Video editing has evolved into something of art over the past few years. Not only has the amount of content consumed through videos increased exponentially but so has the number of free YouTube video editor software. These systems are meant for users at every experience level, helping even those who have never edited videos before.

    However, editing a YouTube video can also be an extremely costly task. Particularly if an external party is hired in order to make and edit videos, the cost of making the video and editing it can be much more than the potential earnings from putting the video out itself. Staying in budget is an important task to be kept firmly in mind while editing your YouTube videos. Here are a few tools that can help you edit YouTube videos while staying in budget.

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    YouTube Studio

    YouTube Studio is a video editor that provides most elementary video editing capabilities to users on the native YouTube platform. If you are operating on a shoestring budget with no leeway for any kind of spending on editing, this could be the ideal tool for you. YouTube studio offers all its tools and services for free and is the official video editing portal of YouTube.

    Videos can be trimmed, snipped, annotated, closed-captioned as well as intros and outros added using YouTube Studio. A novel and new feature that has been added to YouTube Studio is the ability to blur objects as well as faces in the video that is to be edited. One of the main features of YouTube Studio is that videos which are live and already published or shared can also be edited.


    iMovie acts as a free Mac video editor and movie maker for new Apple users. For old users, it costs USD 14.99 on the Apple App Store. It offers cross Apple device functionality and the ability to share and edit your video on your Mac, MacBook, iPad or iPhone. iMovie is among the most sophisticated video editors that are potentially available for free and contains tools and capabilities that would put most other free video editors to shame.

    iMovie has an intuitive user interface with a timeline based operation that lays the focus on every minute detail of the video. Not only that, but the video colour scheme, frame rate, aspect ratio, sound, images and much more can also be edited using iMovie. Videos can be customized and optimized as per the user’s specific needs.

    Windows Photo App

    Windows 10 recently released the Windows Photo App which allows users to create as well as edit videos. Windows 10 systems that have been updated after April 2018 have the Windows Photo App with video editing capabilities. That said, it is important to note that the Windows Photo App has only elementary video editing capabilities and cannot be said to be in contention with the best and more sophisticated video editing apps in the market.

    Nevertheless, it offers a decent free video editing option for users whose experience level with video editing is low or insignificant. It offers the options to merge clips, trim clips, add annotations and closed captions and add filters. Audio can also be incorporated and edited on the Windows Photo App itself. Among the major features of the Windows Photo App, particularly for YouTubers, is that videos can be customized for and uploaded directly to YouTube through the Windows Photo App.


    Videoshop is among the most popular free video edits on the internet. Videoshop offers not just basic video and audio editing capabilities, but also a number of more sophisticated tools for the perusal of its users. Videoshop also contains a number of in-app purchases that allow users to increase the functionality of the software and put it to better use as per their specific requirements.

    The main feature of Videoshop is the large volume of animations and transitions that you can apply between and in the clips you choose to add to your video. Much like the Windows Photo App, Videoshop also provides you the capability to upload your work directly to Youtube.

    Windows Movie Maker

    Windows Movie Maker is a classic video editing app for beginners. Windows Movie Maker was among the first video editing apps to make it to the market and has always been available for Windows users for free. Though not very sophisticated, Windows Movie maker has had the same tools and capabilities for a significant period of time. What makes Windows Movie Maker special is not just its timelessness, but also its ability to be usable by people of all levels of experience.

    It offers a very intuitive user interface that is easy to understand and navigate through. The user interface of Windows Movie Maker is much akin to that of Microsoft Office software, which makes it easily usable by veteran users of Microsoft Office who have little experience with video editing.

    Windows Movie Maker also provides a large number of animations and transitions that can be added to your video. It allows you to edit the audio track of your video separately as well. Furthermore, it allows you to record voiceover and edit the voiceover track as per your needs. It also has the capability to save your video as per the requirements of YouTube.


    Videorama is another free video editing software that has a number of free capabilities as well as optional paid features that users can purchase. It is very similar to Videoshop in its utility but updated much more regularly with the latest features. Alongside this, it also is more suited to the requirement of YouTube videos and allows users to upload in the YouTube format and to YouTube directly.

    It is among the best software particularly for videos that have been shot on mobile devices and is specially customized for mobile-based video editing for its users.

    Choose the video editing software which suits your needs, budget, and style. With the help of the above-mentioned video software, we are sure you would love working on it and creating videos that suit your aesthetic!

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