Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Better Than Siebel?

    To set up an office, you need to do many things. Firstly, you have to organize your computing system. This means you need to have a reliable network, like Spectrum Internet Plans. After this, you must decide on a CRM system that best suits your company’s needs.

    What is CRM?

    Customer Relations Management, or CRM, are all the methods companies use to get and keep customers. All plans, tools, and software a company uses for this are part of CRM.

    Effective CRM software is very important to all businesses. This is because it records all key data related to customers. These include their personal data, buying history, and buying patterns. Hence, a good CRM system makes sure that all business operates smoothly. It helps companies develop good marketing policies and manage customer requests. Also, it automates service operations.

    When a company uses effective software to process its data, it makes better business decisions. Due to this, a good system can lead to greater sales and profits. More than that, a CRM system is key to judge how your business performs and meets targets.

    Which CRM Should You Choose?

    All companies have their own needs and priorities. For instance, are you willing and able to spend a lot of money? Which OS do your office computers use? Are there any features that you can’t work without?

    Given so many needs, there are various CRM systems you can choose from. Among the most famous are Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Oracle Siebel CRM.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Oracle Siebel CRM

    Microsoft Corporation offers a range of computing-related products and services globally. Based on income, it is the world’s largest software company. Meanwhile, Oracle Corporation develops computer hardware systems and software products. These include database management systems.

    Thus, Microsoft caters to many needs. Meanwhile, Oracle specializes in CRM. While Microsoft serves companies of all sizes, Oracle is a favorite of companies that need a powerful CRM tool. This is why Oracle Siebel enjoys a 1.49% share in the CRM market against Microsoft Dynamic 365’s 0.25%.

    However, there are many other factors you must consider to choose between the two.


    When you compare the price of the two software, you must count their real total cost of ownership (TCO). This includes any hidden costs.

    The price to use Microsoft Dynamic 365 starts at $65 per user/month. Compared to its rivals in the CRM market, it is ranked at 4/10. So, it is cheaper than many of the other options available.

    On the other hand, Oracle Siebel costs $3,750 per license. Hence, it is ranked 9.8/10 in price, which makes it more expensive than the average CRM system.

    Therefore, Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM is cheaper than Oracle Siebel.


    Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM includes the following notable features:

    • Customer insights
    • Editable grids
    • Activity sorting control
    • Enhanced web API 
    • Enhanced process 
    • Sitemap designer for apps
    • Power BI
    • Cortana integration
    • Server-to-server integration
    • Dynamic 365 app for Outlook
    • Client APIs

    Oracle Siebel CRM has the following useful features:

    • Quote and order capture
    • Enterprise marketing suite
    • Contact center and service
    • Marketing analytics
    • Partnership relation management
    • Self-service and e-billing
    • Product, pricing, and sales analytics
    • Data import/export

    Overall, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM offers a greater range of features as compared to Oracle Siebel CRM.


    Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM works with Windows, Android, Mac, and web-based devices. Meanwhile, Oracle Siebel CRM works with Windows, Android, Mac, web-based devices, Linux, and iPhone/iPad. Here, Oracle Siebel CRM wins.


    You can access support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 via phone and tickets. On the other hand, you have a lot more support options with Oracle Siebel CRM. These include email, phone, live support, training, and tickets. Here, too, Oracle Siebel CRM is the winner.

    Overview of Pros and Cons

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM has many pros for companies. These include diverse features and powerful custom tools. Also, it has tools that help improve user experience. However, it has some cons as well which users need to know when choosing between the two. For example, its storage and licensing costs are pretty hefty, and its paperwork is very complex.

    As compared to that, Oracle Siebel CRM has pros which include a great data model, various useful support resources, and powerful IT support. Also, it is quite easy to set up which is a huge plus. However, it lacks in a few other aspects. It doesn’t have a lot of features, not easy shifting between apps, and not so perfect UI. Above all, it is quite expensive

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