WordPress Bloggers, Don’t Forget to Use WP Advanced Ads Plugin

    Are you running a blog on the WordPress Platform? Are you gaining much amount of money from the ads listed on your blog? Do you want to manage them in a proper manner?

    You are at the right place and after reading this below process and information on how to use this plugin and how it is better than other plugins; you will become a fan of this powerful tool and install in your WordPress Website/blog promptly.

    If your blog is having only 1-2 ads which are displayed on your blog posts page then it is easier for you to manage but what if a blog has more than 4-5 kinds of ads?

    Definitely, it becomes harder for the website admin to manage. So, when your website is gaining more traffic & thus more valued advertisers; you need to rethink regarding the positions of those potential ads that help you earn more without affecting the behavior of readers and advertisers.

    The very convenient and easy to use WP plugin WP Advanced Ads can definitely help you manage ads on a website or blog without affecting the other data.

    What is WordPress Advanced Ads Plugin?

    It’s a free WP plugin (Pro Option is also there) available at the WordPress official website,

    It works well with the big ad networks like Amazon, AdSense,buy sell ads, etc. it is widely used to manage the ads either direct ad sales or affiliate offers.

    Let’s have a look at the numbers

    • You can imagine its popularity by knowing that more than 50000 WordPress blogs/websites are using this tool to manage ads in an easy manner.
    • Out of them, 450 users have rated 4.9-star on average which is an impressive number for a plugin.

    As we mentioned earlier in this post that WordPress Advanced Ads is available in both Free and Paid Version.

    With Free Version

    • Set up &show unlimited ad units
    • Set ads into specific areas of your website pages or posts automatically. Strange, isn’t it?
    • Easily rotate the ads to display varying offers
    • Easy to Schedule ads & also set the expiration/end dates for particular ads
    • This is new: target ads to certain kinds of audiences

    With Pro Version

    • Geolocation Ads to Target specific crowd
    • Sell ads directly to readers
    • Collect statistic data to analyse how well the ads are working
    • Easy to add ads to AMP pages.
    • And Much More…

    By spending nominal amount, a pro version can do much better for your earning through managing advertisements on the website.

    How This Plugin works for Blogger?

    Let me tell you that WordPress Advanced Ads is used by big WordPress sites whose actually earnings are coming from the advertisement only. First, we see how a free version of this plugin works for you?

    Once you install the WP plugin, you will get a tab named New Advanced Ads where admin can easily manage and maintain ads, placement and Rotations. The very first thing to do after installing this tool; you need to create a New Ad.

    It’s a simple process; follow this path: Advanced Ads –> Ads

    From there you need to choose the type of ad, you want to create. Here below are the types of ads, you can create and manage whenever you want.

    • Plain Text &Code: A simple text/code editor, widely used to create ads for the external services like BuySellAds, custom AdSense ads and Amazon.
    • Rich Content:Allows you to use a complete WordPress editor, image uploads, shortcodes and much more.
    • Image Ad: Simple, you can insert a regular image ad.
    • Ad Group: This allows you to group several ads altogether & display in a same position on the website page.
    • AdSense ad: Add standard AdSense Ads codes easily.

    You can choose any of the above options to insert ads into your website. We have taken an example for the Plain Text & Code as it is most probably used.

    So, choose this option from the “Create an ad” screen. See the screenshot above.

    On next screen, you just need to paste the code (known as ad snippet) into the box. The code is given from the advertisers, mostly in HTML format. See below.

    There are much more options to choose from which help you to set the position, display conditions, size, etc.

    Display Conditions: This option helps to display ads on particular pages. Also allows admin to set the position to display ads (sitewide or on specific types of web pages). See in the below screenshot, we have set it to display on just pages.

    Visitor Conditions: This is something special for those who want to generate traffic from the different types of devices like desktop, tablets or mobile. Here we have excluded the mobile visitors, shown in the below screenshot.

    Choose a new Placement

    After setting up the above option, now you just need to select the option for Ad Placement. In a below image, you can see the options (your ad will be placed in the dark blue section, see the image.) to choose from.

    This tool lets you choose the locations manually with a simple PHP code or a shortcode. You can also choose a pre-defined location from many. The pre-described locations are:

    • In the website page content
    • Below the webpage Heading
    • At the end of the page.
    • In the widget
    • More options available with pro.

    That’s it, your plain text code is added to the website automatically at your pre-described place and now, readers will see the ads while visiting your website pages

    Let’s Move to Other Features that Makes Advanced Ad Plugin More Powerful

    Group Rotations:

    Creating an Ad Group allows you:

    • Rotate several ads based on the emphasis you put on particular ads.
    • Display number of adsat the same time
    • Set the order of your ads.

    See the below screenshot to set all the above features in just one ad group and you can build multiple ad groups according to your requirements.

    This is really powerful for the admin because

    • Allows admin to test different ads easily
    • Eliminates the banner blindness means visitors will not see the similar ad all the time as it rotates.
    • Chances are high to get clicks as these ads might cover interests of many visitors.

    Schedule start and end time for the Ads

    With this free feature; you can

    • Start displaying ad on the decided date and time
    • Stop displaying ad on the decided date and time

    This powerful feature is awesome. If you are going to promote sales or any time-specific discount offers. You need to remember these two things.

    • Start an ad at the time of sales begin MANUALLY.
    • Stop an ad at the time of sales ends MANUALLY.

    The word “MANUALLY” will be gone from your mind once you start using this powerful tool and this feature. Even you can postpone the start time and/or extend the expiry time.

    This is what you can do with the free version and how to use it. Now, we move towards the Pro Version of this tool. The above features are already included in the pro version. Apart from that, there are much more powerful features that tempt you to remove the old ad management tool and install this one.

    Fantastic Features of Pro WordPress Advanced Ads:

    As you have seen that the free tool is already beneficial for the bloggers, just imagine that how beneficial a pro version is! Let’s see the Pro Version features one by one.

    View Statistic Data for Ads:

    You can see the statistic data and know how finethe ads are performing, track impressions and clicks.

    This is extensively vital because it allows you to get information about ads performance and so, you can easily find out which ads is working fine and help to generate more clicks. With this insight data, you are focus closely on the ads that is great for your targeted audience.

    Google AMP Pages with AdSense Ads

    Yes, this is true that WP Advanced Ads plugin allows admin to show ads on the Google AMP Pages. Admin can either create the separate ads or convert the AdSense ads for the Google AMP pages and show them on the AMP pages only.

    More Placement options are there.

    It allows you to place ads in several places which are listed below:

    • Below any paragraph
    • Above the page or post title
    • As a Background to your site
    • On archive pages (list of blog posts in particular category)
    • In a middle of the body content.

    Target the Audience Accurately

    Want to show a specific ad to the specific crowd? This feature will help you. Yes, it provides good control over showing ads to target audience. With this tool, you can target visitors by

    • Geo-Location
    • Browser Language
    • Previous clicks/impressions for each user
    • Paid memberships (Good for membership related sites)
    • New and/or returnig visitors

    Final Words

    So, what’s your perception towards the “WordPress Advanced Ads” Plugin, right now? Positive, right? That’s why 50,000+ websites are using this tool for Ads management. You will have multiple functionalities which are awesome even if you have a free versiononly.

    Download WP Advanced Ads Free Version here.

    Which plugin are you using for the ads management in WordPress website/blog? Let us know the name of it and share your experience with us in the comment section below. If you are not using any; this is a good option to start with. Install it today and provide feedback in the comment section below.

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